Model Name HSC Standard Series (IONNOX)
Rated Power AC220V 0.5~0.6KW
External Measures D370 W465 H1200
Weight 70Kg
Original Water
Assuming normal tap water (pH6.8 ~ 7.5)
TDS: 100 ~ 250ppm
Water Generation Capacity: 6 ~ 12L / min.
Water Pressure: 2~3 kg / cm
Control Mode programmatized (PLC) automatic control
Mode of Electrolysis with or without diaphragms (subject to customization)
Catalysts used NaCl, KCl, NaOH, K2CO3, etc...
  Catalysts fed automatically
Non-diaphragm HSC-CL Series
Model Name Mode of Electrolysis Physical Properties of Water Density (ppm) Water Discharged
HSC301CL-08 Non-diaphragm Hypochlorite-disinfected water 0~300
(standard 100PPM)
HSC301CL-12 Hypochlorite-disinfected water 10~12L/min
Diaphragm HSC-AK Series
Model Name Mode of Electrolysis Physical Properties of Water Water Discharged
Alkaline Acidic Alkaline Acidic
HSC-AK-05M Diaphragm pH 7 ~11.8
ORP 0 ~ -1100mV
pH 7 ~ 2.1
ORP +200 ~ +1100mV
3L/min 2L/min
HSC-AK-08M 5L/min 3L/min

For environment-friendly disinfection and (catalyst-aided) cleansing without detergents
School cafeterias / Medical equipment sterilization / Large cafeterias and restaurants / Washing fruits / Dissolving agricultural chemicals / Agricultural activities / Livestock activities / Agricultural Cooperative warehouses / Pharmaceutical companies / Water companies / etc.

Water Feeder and Discharger Connections
Feeding Hose: 12mm, one-touch nipple
Discharging Hose: acidic, alkaline 12mm one-touch nipple


<Characteristics of the Electrolysis-Disinfected Water>

1. Disinfection & Sterilization
The water can disinfect almost all kitchen accessories, equipment, floors and so forth, ridding them of all food-poisoning-causing bacteria (e.g., regionella, staphylococcus, E-coli, salmonella, O-157, etc.).
2.Low Concentration
Even at a low concentration (70 ~ 80ppm), the water disinfect superbly. Containing a lower level of effective chlorides, the water does not cause bad odors and thereby improves the work environment.
3. Flowing Water
You can use the electrolysis-disinfected water just like any tap (spray) water: that is, directly from the hose. This will help improve productivity and efficiency at the workplace.
No Need for Dissolution
Unlike other chemical disinfectants or sterilizers, you do not need to dissolve the water into still greater quantities of ordinary water. This will help save time and reduce the workload.
The water leaves behind little precipice and does not require separate or additional wastewater treatment.

[ Food Poisoning Bacteria Killing Test ] * Electrolysis-disinfected water: pH 8.33, chloride residue 60ppm / Unit: CFU / ml
Tested Bacteria Number of Post-test Bacterial Bodies
First occurrence of bacteira 30 seconds 1 minute 10 minutes
V. parahaemolyticus 2.510 <10 <10 <10
Salmonella 4.5106 <10 <10 <10
Staphylococcus 2.4106 <10 <10 <10
E-coli 5.8106 <10 <10 <10
Bacillus cereus 1.510 <10 <10 <10
Black mold 1.2105 <10 <10 <10
[ O-157 Disinfection Test ] * Electrolysis-disinfected Water: pH 8.57, chloride residue 53ppm / Unit: CFU/ml
Subject of experiment for disinfection of first bacteria generation 5 seconds 10 seconds 30 seconds 1 minute 10 minutes
Electrolysis-disinfected water 4.9105 9.5103 0 0 0 0
Tap Water 4.9105 2.1105 2.5105 2.9105 2.9105 3.3105

* Tested by: Kitazato Environmental Science Center Foundation
* Tested Bacteria : Escherichia coli O-157H7 ATCC 35150
Automatic operation and stop You do not need to press each button to create electrolysis-disinfected water, since the water discharge valve will open and close automatically.
Large Capacity The system can generate up to 12L of disinfected water per minute (with varying concentrations or densities).
Concentration (ppm) Control You can control the concentration of the disinfectant in the water (0 ~ 200ppm) with the concentration (ppm) control volume installed in the system.
Storage System Electrolysis-disinfected water is automatically generated and controlled according to the amount of water in the storage tank.
[ Examples of Electrolyzed Water in the Kitchen ]
You can use the electrolysis-disinfected water just like tap water: that is, directly from the tap.
The electrolysis-disinfected water will maintain the kitchen in a much cleaner, more hygienic state.